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Are Keratin Treatments Good For Your Hair?


FEBRUARY 26, 2024

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Frizz, dullness, and unruly curls can sometimes kill your vibe. I mean, your hair sets the tone for the rest of your day! Spending everyday fighting a bad hair day does a number on not only our mental, but our wallet as well while we search for the next best frizz defying product.

So when a stylist suggests a keratin treatment to tame our frizzy mousy mane, we jump all in head first without looking back. And just when we find the holy grail of solutions to bring back our confidence and shine, we run into somewhat bigger, damaging, and costly problems, with treatments costing up to $400.

You see, keratin is a crucial protein that makes up our hair. Think of keratin as your hair’s knight and shining armor (literally), always there to protect your hair and add a layer of undeniable shine. Keratin treatments work to add a layer of keratin to the hair shaft, and is later sealed with high levels of heat.

The end result?


Shiny, smooth, pin-straight hair with amazing movement that you’d pay hundreds for all over again.

But with every seemingly good thing comes consequences that we don’t even think about because the results are so amazing. Over time, keratin treatments do more damage to your hair than good. Making your hair go from fabulous and flouncy to thin and brittle before you know it.


DSC04422 1.jpg__PID:2e70bb27-5ce3-44ea-9995-b2b17f1015b3

Always err on the side of caution when deciding to do a Keratin Treatment. And if you find your hair is more damaged than you thought– We’ve got you covered. Try Bello’s hairline has just what your hair needs to grow back healthy and strong. Checkout the Hair Helper Spray today.

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