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Biotin: Keratin’s Life Force


APRIL 11, 2024

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We’ve all been there before - googling for what seems like hours and hours on end to find a cure to your endless shedding. It seems like there’s an endless amount of products out there that promise to restore our hair once and for all. And, naturally, most of us instantly pull the trigger and decide to try them in hopes that we have found the holy grail of hair caresolutions.

Whether you just began your hair journey, or have been down this road for too long – you’ve probably heard of Biotin, the almighty vitamin that promises to strengthen our hair and nails.

Biotin comes in a wide variety of ways to consume ranging from pills, gummies, teas, powders, and even liquid drops.

If you don’t know what biotin is—or what it does for our hair, I’ll give you a quick run down…

Biotin, otherwise known as vitamin B7, is the sole building block to keratin, which you know is the protein our hair is made up of.

Biotin not only creates keratin on a cellular level, but also strengthens the keratin. So in turn you get strong, healthy hair that will shed minimal amounts.

Of course, this all sounds good on paper, but the question remains:

Do these biotin supplements actually work?

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In short, no, these supplements do not do much for our hair.

Our body will never priortize sending Biotin directly to our follicles where there are other places in need of it (Vitamin B7), like the liver and kidneys, leaving our scalp high and dry. And the truth is, we get almost all of our required daily intake of biotin through our diet.

In fact, multiple studies show that taking biotin orally is next to useless when it comes to restoring our hair health.

I know, not the news you want to hear when you just purchased a $30 bottle of biotin gummies, huh?

But, there is a loophole around all of this!

The only way biotin can work on restoring strength, health, and shine is...

When it is applied directly to the scalp so that our pores absorb it directly into the follicles.

Now that we know how we should use biotin for our hair health, the next step is finding the right products to use. Luckily Trybello has a line of biotin infused products perfect for cultivating a healthy strong scalp.

So before you step into the pharmacy, or shop around online for the best biotin supplements– keep in mind that it may do absolutely nothing for your hair!


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