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Brow Serums: How do they work and are they safe?


MARCH 25, 2024

eyebrow serum, trybello.png__PID:dd2c2e5b-1912-4d09-a739-b2abc0b8209a

If you’re anything like me you’ve tried every remedy under the sun to fill in your eyebrows.

Heck, I’ve even considered getting my eyebrows tattooed… Thank god I never went that route…

With bold brows being the trend it’s normal to feel some type of fomo when your brows aren’t quite there yet. And if you feel uneasy trying microbladed brows or tinting, there’s lash serums.

 A more approachable solution to get the results you want.

Brow serums work by depositing hair stimulating ingredients onto your eyebrow. The idea is that it will reach the hair follicle and nourish it so healthy hair can grow in the sparse areas. And since they grow back healthier, they’re less likely to shed or break effectively giving you the brows you’ve always wanted.

However, consistency is key! As great as serums can be, they aren’t a magical solution. Once you stop, your hair will go back to its regular cycle and your eyebrows will look like they did before. 

So if you want your brooke shield-esque brows to stay, keep applying your serum everyday.

brow serum.jpg__PID:8b208fcf-1269-4fd8-89ce-e98a4c41be9f

It’s always important to review the ingredients of your lashes. Some serums contain prostaglandin analogues, which have been known to affect the health of our eyes. If you look at the ingredients list and they have Isopropyl Cloprostenate listed, that's a tell-tale sign that it has prostaglandin analogues.

They can cause a whole whirlwind of problems for your eyes, with side effects that can range from mild to severe. Rapid aging of the skin around the eye, changes in eye color, loss of fat causing sunken eyes, and even cysts inside the iris have been reported from this notorious ingredient.

Don’t worry, not all eye serums have these chemicals in them.

Some are made with all plant derived ingredients, or solely peptide based. All ways review all ingredients and analyze whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks.

And, as always, perform a patch test to make sure you aren’t allergic to any ingredients present in the serums you are using.

If you’re looking for an all natural solution to grow your eyebrows, and something that is gentle enough for day-to-day use but strong enough for powerful results– we got you covered. Try Bello’s Brow Line has just what your eyebrows needs to grow back healthy and strong.


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