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Menopausal Hair Loss And How It Works


FEBRUARY 6, 2024

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Ah, the inevitable event that we women must face at some point in life. In between the hot flashes and the night sweats we deal with an unexpected and unwelcome surprise: Shedding. Heaps and heaps of hair are gone as days go by, and with work and family life we don’t notice until we have to hire a plumber for a clogged up sink… not a bill I was expecting to pay that's for sure. It's a sudden jarring change that we aren’t prepared for, and just like that, the luscious thick hair we had in our youth is gone. And the cause?

The raging fluctuation of hormones that cause inflammation to our hair follicles and wreak absolute havoc on our hair.

Why Does This Happen?

During menopause we experience extreme highs and lows, with estrogen and progesterone (our beloved female hormones) taking the worst hit. Our testosterone (natural occurring male hormone in our body) spikes and causes loss and thinning by shrinking your hair follicles. But fear not, while unfortunate, these changes to your hair can be reversed!

There’s medications available as well to treat these symptoms of menopause, and while there are also supplements with biotin that are marketed for hair loss, the truth is that they don’t really do much for growth.

The reason?

Our bodies send those nutrients to other parts of our body, and do not prioritize our hair.

So really, the key is to stimulate blood flow to your scalp, and reduce the inflammation that is causing your hair follicles to shrink while applying biotin directly to the follicle.

Take Away

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No one likes to deal with the idea of even losing a strand of hair, and while menopause is a natural process that is completely out of our control. However, with consistency, patience, and understanding our bodies, we can restore our hair back to the gorgeous mane it once was!

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