AN Insider’s Truth:

4 Reasons Why Caucasian Women Are Suffering from Hair Thinning

and we know how it is, you've likely scoured the internet, coming across a myriad of reasons for hair loss. But we're here to simplify it for you. Focus on these four crucial factors, and there's no reason for you to continue suffering from hair thinning. In essence, these four reasons cause a specific hair strand to grow weak from its follicle. In some cases, the hair might not grow at all, leading to sparse areas and revealing bald spots. and if you’re wondering about the expertise behind these four critical insights.

Allow us to introduce Simon Healwer, an ex-employee of a top-tier pharmaceutical company. Having served in the ranks of one of the behemoths of Big Pharma, he has witnessed firsthand the way the industry clouds facts and twists narratives.

Now, free from his non-disclosure agreement, but still unable to disclose the company’s name, he is here to unveil the truth. Here are the 4 reasons why Caucasian women face the hair thinning crisis, backed by Simon's inside knowledge and scientific research.

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1. Harsh Products and Chemical Overloads

The market is inundated with products boasting miraculous results. However, the majority of these are filled with chemicals that might give temporary shine but in the long run, damage the hair. Avoid all chemicals, but especially—and we can't stress this enough—shampoos containing sulfate, as it strips away all natural oils from your scalp, leading to a weakened scalp and hair.

It's like trying to raise plants with a chemical that removes all the water from the soil.

Always choose natural, sulfate-free options.

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2. Poor Scalp Circulation

A well-nourished scalp is crucial for strong hair follicles. Without this circulation, follicles can become frail, leading to hair thinning.

The reason is straightforward: diminished blood flow means fewer nutrients and oxygen reaching these vital hair-producing structures. Incorporating simple daily scalp massages can be a game-changer, helping to ensure that your follicles remain vigorous and robust.

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3. The Keratin Connection

Keratin, a protein that constitutes a staggering 95% of hair, is fundamental to its health and vitality. Wait. You don’t understand how fundamental it is. A single hair is made of 95% Keratin.

 A shortfall in keratin directly leads to hair thinning. Simply put, the more keratin your body produces, the healthier, thicker, and more lustrous your hair will be, and if you’re thinking it’s time to supplement keratin, well you’re on the right track but hold on.


4. Keratin and Biotin - The Vital Link

Studies, the most recent being the one conducted by the Dermatology Unit of the University of Bologna, have shed light on the undeniable connection between keratin and hair growth. But how is keratin produced in our bodies? Enter Biotin.

Think of Biotin as the master chef in a kitchen. While you might have all the ingredients (or nutrients) necessary to whip up a gourmet dish (in this case, keratin), without the chef to combine and cook them properly, you won't get the desired result.

Similarly, a deficiency in Biotin hampers the body's ability to convert & SYNTHESIZE these essential nutrients into keratin. The outcome? Fragile hair and an uptick in shedding.

This isn't your average hair product…

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