Are You Aware of the Secret Culprit Behind Women's Hair Loss?

The Giant Corporate Hair Care Industry is HOPING you'll never hear about this under-the-radar, natural hair loss remedy.

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"They've pressured me to remove it. But I refuse to bow to the industry giants. I NEVER will.” - Hair Restoration Insider, Simon Healwer

What's Making Major Hair Care Giants Rage Over This Recent Discovery?

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Simon Healwer, an ex-Big Pharma employee with deep industry knowledge, who became a revealer of truths, has already transformed the lives of over 100,000 women by tackling their hair loss issues head-on.

He's known as a fearless disruptor in the field.

During a recent exclusive, he revealed that an innovative solution has been brought to light.

This could efficiently halt hair loss, restore balding areas, and address thinning... without the adverse reactions associated with risky pills or expensive procedures.

Here’s what he shared:

“I am convinced that for years, the Giant Corporate Hair Care Industry has deliberately kept this virtually unrecognized condition (and its remedy) away from consumers…"

"This condition is identified as Biotin Deficiency Syndrome.”

Biotin Deficiency Syndrome might be the 'overlooked' cause behind the increasing number of women experiencing significant hair loss, despite enormous advancements in modern medicine.”

What’s more…

“The industry giants were funneling millions into lobbying efforts, attempting to conceal this scarcely-known condition from the public.”

“So women continue to shell out for hazardous medications, pricey procedures, and precarious surgeries.”

But that’s not the end of the story…

They've also been striving to discredit Simon Healwer’s medication-free remedy.

He recently unearthed a new, safe, potent, and cost-effective natural solution.

This could rapidly address the true root problem of hair loss due to Biotin Deficiency Syndrome, while boosting hair regrowth to replenish balding areas and thinning edges.

So you can reclaim your confidence and revel in social gatherings with family & friends, free from concerns about drawing attention to your hair."

Simon Healwer Exposes the Truth:

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“Until this point, the Giant Corporate Hair Care Industry had been shelling out huge sums…”

“To ensure that this remarkable natural hair loss solution remained out of the public's reach.”

But why?

“So they could continue to reap profits from their exorbitantly priced, ineffective, and potentially harmful drugs and high-risk treatments…”

After all, in their eyes:

“A patient cured is a customer lost.” - reveals Simon Healwer

2023: Simon Healwer's Silence Ends:

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The year 2023 marked a pivotal shift…

because Simon Healwer's non-compete clause, signed in 2015, finally expired - three years after he left his job in 2020.

During those years, while his voice was legally silenced, he tirelessly worked in the shadows.

Freedom to Speak, At Last!

“With the expiration of this restrictive agreement in 2023, Simon Healwer was free to bring his years of behind-the-scenes work into the light... and this has sent shockwaves through the Giant Corporate Hair Care Industry (as it should)”…

“Because numerous individuals will no longer be dependent on their hazardous medications, costly procedures, and high-stakes surgeries”

This implies that the astronomical profit margins of the Giant Corporate Hair Care Industry are under threat…”

After 3 Years in the Shadow, Alpines Researchers Achieve Remarkable Success With an Innovative Solution to Naturally Address Bald Spots & Thinning Edges…

After 3 Years in the Shadow, Alpines Researchers Achieve Remarkable Success With an Innovative Solution to Naturally Address Bald Spots & Thinning Edges….jpg__PID:2e59aff0-4953-4968-971a-6bb47fc982ed

Fortuitously, Simon Healwer didn't keep his new discovery to himself…

He and a team of dedicated trichology scientists conceived this pioneering natural hair growth formula.

Their powerful formula was originally concocted to assist clients who were unable to afford the financial burden of $25,000 hair transplants.

To help them drastically combat hair fall, stimulate hair regrowth in troublesome areas, and restore their clients' self-assurance…

All while employing 100% natural and safe components… devoid of the undesirable aftermath often associated with medicinal therapies.

The Mystery Behind This Revolutionary Natural Hair Growth Formula?

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Simon Healwer’s blend is uniquely designed to combat the fundamental (yet often overlooked) culprit of women’s hair loss.

He realized this after closely looking at his clients' issues.

They all exhibited identical symptoms and shared the same ROOT issue.

Symptoms include:

  • Itchy, flaky scalp
  • Intense Hair Loss
  • Glossy, unblemished scalp crown
  • Substantial hair strands in the shower

If curiosity is piquing about what might be triggering these symptoms (and why they persist regardless of the myriad of products and treatments tested)…

Keep reading, as Simon Healwer is about to reveal the information you’ve been seeking…

So What’s The ROOT Problem?

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Simon Healwer elucidates that, in most cases, these symptoms stem from an acute lack of a vital component: Biotin, crucial for keratin synthesis.

"Hair is made of 95% keratin, and scientific insights indicate that an inadequate synthesis of keratin, the primary constituent of hair, leads to noticeable hair loss.”

According to pioneering research - a substantial portion of hair loss issues can be traced back to this keratin deficit:

“The predominant cause of hair loss among women is a condition linked to an insufficient amount of Biotin in the body, necessary for synthesizing the amino acids (building blocks) that produce keratin, leading to weakened hair structure and subsequent hair loss.”

In essence:

A scarcity of Biotin impedes keratin production.

Which deprives hair strands of the structural integrity they require to thrive.

And that results in pronounced hair loss in women, irrespective of ethnicity.

This predicament goes unnoticed in over 92% of consultations with physicians… …and therefore receives inappropriate remedies…

It’s also why numerous conventional solutions like dermatologist visits, multivitamins, supplements, injections, and potent medications, etc.

Might have fallen short in addressing the actual root of the issue.

But there’s no need for despair, because Simon Healwer confided in us:

A Common Deficiency You're Likely Unaware Of, and the Mistakes Many Make in Trying to Overcome It…


The solution, Simon Healwer asserts, is straightforward:

“To tackle the problem, you must first address the root cause.”

“And that means ensuring Biotin reaches where it's needed most – the hair follicles.”

Here’s how his revolutionary natural hair growth formula accomplishes precisely that:

It's based on what Simon Healwer learned while working at a top pharmaceutical company.

Which led to the development of a specialized blend of ingredients, honed over 3 years of in-depth research and experimentation.

This formula is engineered to direct Biotin specifically to the hair follicles, bypassing the usual route where it’s predominantly utilized for liver function enhancement.

“While your liver might appreciate the extra Biotin, without a targeted approach, you won’t observe any difference in your hair,” explains Healwer.

Ingredients within this formula have received support from myriad scientific studies and have been highlighted in some of the most prestigious and reliable institutions.

The innovative composition works at the scalp's level, enhancing biotin availability, thus keratin production in the targeted area.


This ensures that hair follicles receive the critical protein - especially Keratin - required for robust hair growth.

Helping to rapidly bridge the gap in keratin production caused by Biotin deficiency.

This means you could soon witness the hair rejuvenation you deserve and regain your confidence without resorting to hazardous drugs, costly procedures, or perilous surgeries…

But Simon Healwer didn't stop there, he went further...

What if you were ONE vitamin away from stopping hair thinning, and reverse it…

The solution is simple he continues:

"In order to remove the actual problem, you must not hide it, but actually take the time to get rid of it"

"Which is to make sure you don't lack keratin anymore… keratin, the main protein behind hair growth…"

Here's how the formula Simon, and his team in Alpines, achieves that:

It's based on what Simon learned, condensed into one concoction.

1 (2).jpg__PID:82c5b990-3132-4c99-9512-03529dff806d

A Unique blend of 4 main ingredients, with the most important one being Biotin.

The Biotin in this formula skyrockets your keratin production, thus growing thicker, stronger hair. While the other ingredients make sure your scalp stays healthy, well-nourished, and offers good conditions for your hair to grow. Just like a healthy soil is for plants.

Ingredients inside this formula have been backed up by dozens of scientific studies and featured in some of the most trusted and respected institutions like:

social proof that been feautured in.webp__PID:197d084e-6daf-4737-ba03-45b474ac0c4a

Because the ingredients are mixed and turned into a sprayer, they penetrate your scalp and hair follicles deeply, assuring you get not only the keratin needed for your hair to grow, but the other nutrients which aren't as important, but still are.

Helping to balance out all the deficiencies you have, and have you skyrocket that confidence back up without the need for dangerous drugs, expensive treatments, or risky surgeries…

You'll definitely notice the difference between a healthy, keratin-boosted scalp, and your current scalp.

How, and if you're wondering what are the main 4 ingredients in the formula, here they are…



Biotin synthesizes the essential building blocks present in our body, transforming them into keratin, the primary protein of hair. Master



There's a hormone present on everyone's head called DHT, and is a common cause of hair loss. Caffeine targets and inhibits this hormone, to prevent shedding and encourage growth. Caffeine helps hair growth by extending the growth phase of hair.

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil.png__PID:bce71da5-e3e7-49c6-84ac-10bf6fb59d66

Castor Oil

Widens the scalp blood vessels, facilitating blood flow to the scalp, which eases taking nutrients to hair follicles. Also has antibacterial properties that kills any bacteria that may harm hair growth.

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Extract.png__PID:1beb8369-6cdd-4b34-8eca-7bdcf6cdb434

Ginger Extract

Stimulates the hair follicle, Includes many minerals that strengthen your hair strands to combat pulling or harsh conditions, like days where you forget to moisturize them.

+ 29 Other Ingredients.png__PID:d2ed05cd-f8ee-41f3-b363-95078f63ad03

More All Natural Ingredients like (LIST Other ingredients)

And finally, Simon Healwer and the people from his lab in Alpines had their final product ready!

And it was time to put it to a test.

And after a few trials and errors…

It Became VERY Obvious…

Funnelish - Square (72).png__PID:2437e1b6-5138-4c0c-839e-a7b19d96e60f

Her clients were not just amazed by the results they saw...

but by HOW QUICKLY they saw them.

Out of a test group of 15 individuals, 12 observed noticeable improvement in just 14 to 19 days.

Many sent in photos, proudly showcasing once-bald or thin spots now filling in and appearing fuller. Moreover, during showers, they reported significantly less hair shedding, a benefit attributed to the ginger extract in our formula.

And while many absolutely loved the effects it had in under 30 days, the results were even more impressive by the end of the second month.

And oh, the relief! Many expressed their gratitude for no longer enduring those pesky comments from family members…


"Now truthfully I have medical conditions that make it an uphill battle with hair growth but with Hair Helper I have seen hope and that is all I need. I'm excited to keep going and see where this journey takes me."

Laura L.

"I was skeptical about trying yet another hair serum, but Trybello's Hair Growth Helper exceeded my expectations. It's not just about elevating your hair; it's about unleashing its full potential. My hair feels healthier, looks shinier, and I've regained my lost confidence. This product is a true gem."

Anna C.


"I've tried countless hair products over the years, but none have come close to the results I've experienced with Trybello's Hair Growth Helper. It's like a secret weapon for your hair. The serum has unleashed the full potential of my hair, making it thicker, more voluminous, and healthier than ever before."

Kelsy T.

Now, how can you get your hands on this formula developed by Simon Healwer?


The exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute this unique formula, masterfully developed by Simon, were acquired by a reputable manufacturer in Florida named Bello.

The potent formula was then incorporated into a handy sprayer, named the Bello Hair Sprayer.

And this partnership is a massive success, they've sold out 6 times in the last few months.

NOTE. A new stock order arrived on the 26th of October, and is currently available at a 15% discount. AND a No-questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee.

Meaning you could get your hands on a few bottles of the Bello Hair Sprayer today… use them all and actually see the difference with your eyes, and if it doesn't meet your expectations for any reason,

you could still get a refund… no need for lengthy explanations to the customer service team.

That's how confident Bello and Simon Healwer are in their solution. They made it without risk for you..

So why not give it a shot?


Join the 98,780+ women who decided to try it. and did not regret it by clicking on the Button down below.

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