We interviewed an Ex-Big Pharma employee, and he debunked 3 MASSIVE hair care myths…

and his advice on the matter…

When it comes to the hair care industry, few are more informed than those on the inside. Simon Healwer, who once worked for a big pharmaceutical company as a scientist specialized in dermatological products, is now sharing secrets that many in the industry don't want you to know, for the simple reason… it would cost them too much profit…

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Though constrained by confidentiality agreements regarding his former employer's identity, Simon's wealth of knowledge is now accessible to all. Here are his top three pieces of advice for those struggling with hair thinning.

#1 Prioritize Natural Products Over Chemical Concoctions:

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The Hidden Reality: Many commercial shampoos and hair products are full of chemicals designed to deliver immediate shine and smoothness. However, while these additives provide temporary results, making you buy a new bottle each month, they simultaneously strip the hair of its inherent nutrients and oils. Over time, this not only weakens the hair but also impairs its natural ability to produce essential oils. As the hair's self-replenishing system deteriorates, individuals may experience increased brittleness, breakage, and eventually, hair thinning.

Simon's Advice: Replace products containing harmful chemicals, especially sulfates. Sulfates, more than many other additives, can cause severe damage by stripping away the hair's natural oils, potentially leading to direct hair loss. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Doing so not only helps avoid scalp irritation but also fortifies hair right from the roots. Sulfate-free products are invariably superior for maintaining your hair's health.

#2 Promote Good Blood Circulation:

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The Hidden Reality: While many focus on external applications to boost hair health, few recognize the importance of good blood circulation at the scalp. Good circulation ensures that essential nutrients reach the hair follicles. Without these nutrients, hair becomes malnourished, making it more susceptible to breakage. A nourished and well-circulated scalp is the foundation for strong hair follicles and thick hair.

Simon's Advice: Dedicate a few minutes daily for a gentle scalp massage. This simple routine can stimulate blood flow, ensuring that your hair follicles remain healthy and robust.

#3 Understand the Role of Keratin and Biotin:

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The Hidden Reality: The hair care industry often complicates the root causes of hair shedding. As Simon reveals, instead of providing genuine solutions, many companies introduce a multitude of reasons for hair shedding to market their 'unique' remedies. But to make it simple, every hair is composed of 95% keratin, a protein that constitutes the main structure of hair, and the thickness of your hair is directly correlated to the keratin cells in your scalp.

Simon's Advice: Focus on boosting your body's keratin production. Keratin can't be supplemented directly, it can only be produced by your body, so all you can do is increase your biotin, the vitamin that takes what you consume through food and turns it into keratin. The connection between biotin and keratin is crucial. Biotin deficiencies can hinder the body's ability to produce keratin, leading to weakened hair. Keep reading to discover the best way to boost Biotin directly in your hair.

With Simon Healwer's three essential tips, the path to healthy hair becomes clearer:

  • Choose sulfate-free shampoos.
  • Ensure regular scalp massages to boost blood circulation.
  • Ensure adequate Biotin intake to maximize keratin production—the foundation of robust hair.
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But the question remains: how can one effectively integrate Biotin into their hair care routine?

Despite being bound by confidentiality, Simon dedicated three years, collaborating with his team of international researchers in his Alpines lab, to create a Biotin-based formula, that would solve the keratin deficiency issue that most people ignore and instead, go straight to hazardous medications or drugs to deal with hair thinning..

when maybe they were one vitamin away.. from reversing hair shedding…

Introducing the Bello Hair Sprayer

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A Unique blend of 4 main ingredients, with the most important one being Biotin.

The Biotin in this formula skyrockets your keratin production, thus growing thicker, stronger hair. While the other ingredients make sure your scalp stays healthy, well-nourished, and offers good conditions for your hair to grow. Just like a healthy soil is for plants.

Ingredients inside this formula have been backed up by dozens of scientific studies and featured in some of the most trusted and respected institutions like:

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Because the ingredients are mixed and turned into a sprayer, they penetrate your scalp and hair follicles deeply, assuring you get not only the keratin needed for your hair to grow, but the other nutrients which aren't as important, but still are.

Helping to balance out all the deficiencies you have, and have you skyrocket that confidence back up without the need for dangerous drugs, expensive treatments, or risky surgeries…

You'll definitely notice the difference between a healthy, keratin-boosted scalp, and your current scalp.

How, and if you're wondering what are the main 4 ingredients in the formula, here they are…



Biotin synthesizes the essential building blocks present in our body, transforming them into keratin, the primary protein of hair. Master



There's a hormone present on everyone's head called DHT, and is a common cause of hair loss. Caffeine targets and inhibits this hormone, to prevent shedding and encourage growth. Caffeine helps hair growth by extending the growth phase of hair.

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil.png__PID:bce71da5-e3e7-49c6-84ac-10bf6fb59d66

Castor Oil

Widens the scalp blood vessels, facilitating blood flow to the scalp, which eases taking nutrients to hair follicles. Also has antibacterial properties that kills any bacteria that may harm hair growth.

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Extract.png__PID:1beb8369-6cdd-4b34-8eca-7bdcf6cdb434

Ginger Extract

Stimulates the hair follicle, Includes many minerals that strengthen your hair strands to combat pulling or harsh conditions, like days where you forget to moisturize them.

+ 29 Other Ingredients.png__PID:d2ed05cd-f8ee-41f3-b363-95078f63ad03

More All Natural Ingredients like (LIST Other ingredients)

And finally, Simon Healwer and the people from his lab in Alpines had their final product ready!

And it was time to put it to a test.

And after a few trials and errors…

It Became VERY Obvious…

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Her clients were not just amazed by the results they saw...

but by HOW QUICKLY they saw them.

Out of a test group of 15 individuals, 12 observed noticeable improvement in just 14 to 19 days.

Many sent in photos, proudly showcasing once-bald or thin spots now filling in and appearing fuller. Moreover, during showers, they reported significantly less hair shedding, a benefit attributed to the ginger extract in our formula.

And while many absolutely loved the effects it had in under 30 days, the results were even more impressive by the end of the second month.

And oh, the relief! Many expressed their gratitude for no longer enduring those pesky comments from family members…


"Now truthfully I have medical conditions that make it an uphill battle with hair growth but with Hair Helper I have seen hope and that is all I need. I'm excited to keep going and see where this journey takes me."

Laura L.

"Now truthfully I have medical conditions that make it an uphill battle with hair growth but with Hair Helper I have seen hope and that is all I need. I'm excited to keep going and see where this journey takes me."

Laura L.


"Now truthfully I have medical conditions that make it an uphill battle with hair growth but with Hair Helper I have seen hope and that is all I need. I'm excited to keep going and see where this journey takes me."

Laura L.

Now, how can you get your hands on this formula developed by Simon Healwer?


The exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute this unique formula, masterfully developed by Simon, were acquired by a reputable manufacturer in Florida named Bello.

The potent formula was then incorporated into a handy sprayer, named the Bello Hair Sprayer.

And this partnership is a massive success, they've sold out 6 times in the last few months.

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Meaning you could get your hands on a few bottles of the Bello Hair Sprayer today… use them all and actually see the difference with your eyes, and if it doesn't meet your expectations for any reason,

you could still get a refund… no need for lengthy explanations to the customer service team.

That's how confident Bello and Simon Healwer are in their solution. They made it without risk for you..

So why not give it a shot?


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