Ex-employee of (REDACTED) Big Pharma Company reveals the truth about failing hair growth products... after being silenced for 3 years..

and his main 3 pieces of advice to NATURALLY, grow stronger, fuller-looking hair.

*Respectfully, while the advice could be applicable to everyone, it is true that a colored person’s hair differs from a caucasian hair, and the following mainly applies to the latter.

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Simon Healwer, a former employee of a prominent pharmaceutical company you're probably familiar with, wishes he could’ve shared this crucial information sooner to help:

  • Individuals who believe they're genetically predisposed to hair thinning and feel resigned to accept it,
  • Those purchasing products in the hope they'll be the magic solution,
  • People self-conscious about their appearance, thinking everyone's glance is fixed on their thinning hair,
  • And those considering chemically-intensive treatments like minoxidil or oral finasteride.

Because he has seen the behinds of working for a pharmaceutical company, producing ‘hair growth’ products, and knows firsthand that the hair care industry, vast as it is, is full of companies that intentionally overcomplicate things, spinning countless explanations for hair shedding just to market and sell their products.

And he boils it down to 3 main pieces of advice.

  • Avoiding harsh products, always go for a natural shampoo, most of the ones on market contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp and weaken hair. Opt for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Always opt for Sulfate-Free.
  • Gently massage your scalp once or twice a day. To keep your hair follicles healthy and strong, and quite frankly any other part of your body, promoting good blood circulation is essential.
  • Don’t over complicate it. Hair is composed of Keratin, and if you’re able to produce more keratin, you’ll grow stronger, fuller hair. As easy as that.

After several years of leaving his position and patiently waiting for the non-disclosure agreement to expire, he was no longer bound by the constraints that once silenced him.

However, he still cannot legally disclose the name of the massive pharmaceutical company he once worked for.

He reveals the truth about the hair care industry.

Every company blames hair shedding on a bunch of different factors to sell their ‘new’ remedy, when in reality it’s as simple as making sure your body produces more keratin..

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Discovering the Link Between Keratin and Hair Growth

In 2014, an important finding connected keratin to hair growth. The initial focus of the study by the Dermatology Unit of the University of Bologna in Italy was on brittle nails, a problem many participants had.

Looking deeper into the issue, researchers found that these brittle nails were largely due to an insufficient keratin dosage.

This deficit underscored a clear deficiency in the participants' natural keratin production.

However, a compelling pattern surfaced: a significant proportion of these participants also displayed symptoms of hair thinning or even complete hair loss.

It was deduced that hair follicles, bereft of the requisite keratin, weren't robust enough, and while keratin is essential for hair growth, it's equally crucial in maintaining a healthy hair strand.

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Biotin and Its Connection to Keratin

So, how does one support keratin production, given that it's not a directly consumable supplement?

Researchers looked further, trying to find what's behind this. They found something surprising: not having enough Biotin stops the body from making keratin.

In other words: Keratin is a protein your body produces, and even though your body may contain all the nutrients necessary to produce keratin and grow thicker hair, the lack of biotin didn’t allow it to synthesize these nutrients into keratin.

When people had almost no Biotin, they started losing hair. Just six weeks into a Biotin deficiency, individuals began experiencing significant shedding.

The longer someone lacks Biotin, and thus keratin, the more severe the hair loss becomes. This key finding highlighted how vital Biotin is for healthy hair and changed how we think about hair care.

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Biotin: The Hair Growth Miracle You've Been Searching For?

Imagine your body as a kitchen, and Biotin as the master chef. Without Biotin, even the finest nutrients (consumed through food) can't combine to create keratin, the 'luxury dish' of strong, healthy hair.

This essential coenzyme is the bridge between raw ingredients and the perfect end product: high keratin levels, thus lustrous, resilient hair.

A deficiency in Biotin disrupts this vital synthesizing process, leading to increased hair shedding and fragile strands.

Recognizing the importance of Biotin in robust hair growth, a team of international researchers in Alpines, California, developed a revolutionary solution:

The Bello Hair Helper Spray


This isn't your average hair product. It goes deep to get Biotin right where it's needed — at the roots of your hair, kick-starting natural keratin production for hair that's not just healthier, but fuller and stronger, too.

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This is what they say about their Biotin-based hair sprayer…

In the heart of our formula is Biotin, the powerhouse ingredient you've now learned is crucial for robust, healthy hair.

But that's not all; our special blend also harnesses the proven benefits of Castor Oil, enriching hair follicles with vital nutrients for stronger, more vibrant strands. Plus, the added punch of Caffeine stimulates the roots, encouraging healthy growth right from the get-go.

What sets the Bello Hair Helper Spray apart? It's our dedication to purity and efficacy. It’s crafted with 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals, no irritants, just nature's best.


But don't just take our word for it. We're so confident in the transformative power of the Hair Helper Spray that we're offering you a 60-day FREE trial.

That's right, two whole months to experience the magic yourself, risk-free!


The decision before you is straightforward:

Option 1:

Give Bello Hair Helper Spray a chance & trust the Science. In the least favorable outcome, you might find it less miraculous than hoped, but still witness a noticeable 20% improvement in your hair's thickness and health — an enhancement anyone would welcome.


Option 2:

Opt out and take no action. The only certainty in this path? Your hair continues its current journey, potentially declining further, until the thinning becomes irreversible.

So, it's either embracing a probable boost with the smallest risk or facing a guaranteed stagnation with a dash of regret. The choice is yours.

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