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Caffeine Extract: Does It Actually Help With Hair Growth?


APRIL 18, 2024

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Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty regarding hair growth. Who else here can’t grow their hair past their shoulders? I can’t be the only one on the hair growth struggle train.

It’s like with every product I use it’s one step forward and three steps back. Nothing has ever worked to grow my hair, and trust me, I’ve tried everything.

But, the good news is that there is a well-kept secret in the hair loss community– and I am here to spill it.

It’s a little something called caffeine.

No, no, not the caffeine you drink every morning to get you out of bed. I’m referring to the good stuff. 

Concentrated caffeine extract.


Essentially, the whole role of caffeine extract for hair growth is to awaken those sleepy follicles and speed up its growth.

Not only that, but caffeine works within the hair cycle as well, specifically the anagen and telogen phases.

The anagen phase is the stage where hair is just beginning to grow, and caffeine triggers just that for our hair. In fact, caffeine has been found to increase growth by a whopping 49% with consistent use. And, not only does it trigger your hair growth, but it also keeps it from shedding quickly by extending the telogen phase, which is the period in hair just settles into the hair follicle.

Aside from its growing superpowers, caffeine extract relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow to the scalp.

This is key for your hair to receive the vital nutrients and proteins that it needs to stay hydrated, strong, and most importantly– vibrant.

Last but not least, caffeine is a powerful DHT blocker. DHT is basically a hair-killing hormone that makes up for the majority of hair loss cases.

When DHT wreaks havoc on the scalp, it causes intense shedding and thinning. In fact, multiple studies show that caffeine quickly gains control and suppresses more DHT from being released.

Pretty cool huh!?

If you’re looking to experience the magical hair restorative powers of caffeine– we’ve got you covered.

Our line has a variety of products proven to kickstart growth and reduce shedding.


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