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Hair Theory: Can Your Hair Change The Structure of Your Face?


MARCH 14, 2024

Hair Change 2.png__PID:fc0ce510-737f-437b-bdab-e2052723adf8

We’ve all been there before– we grow tired of our appearance after a lull. After a lengthy (not really) deliberation in the bathroom mirror, we begin toying around with the idea of getting a haircut, color change or worse: we think getting bangs would be a chic move.

Whether you go through with the bangs or not (I hope you didn’t, it’s never a good Idea!) Be aware that our hair has the power to drastically change our appearance. Recently, the hair theory has been going wildly viral on TikTok, with women everywhere proving the theory to be true. Some just simply move their part to the side, some put their hair up or down– or change it from curly to straight.

If you change up your hair, it will obviously change the way you look. But, It will most importantly change how you’re perceived. For example, shorter hair may make you look older, while longer hair can make you look more juvenile.

Look at the difference these bangs made

bangs before and after.jpg__PID:10737f13-7bbd-4be2-8527-23adf83fb1d5

The same concept goes hand and hand with hair loss and damage. When your hair becomes thin and brittle, it completely messes with your self-perception. In turn, your confidence suffers, and causes a lot of unwanted anxiety that can really dim our shine.

bangs before and after.jpg__PID:10737f13-7bbd-4be2-8527-23adf83fb1d5

Whether you naturally have hair on the thinner side, or are trying to restore your hair and confidence, we got you! Our line of hair-transforming products can take your hair to a whole new level.

Have the urge to change your hair?

We say go for it! It’s a fun and temporary way to change your look and see what works for you. But my advice? Don’t get those bangs— You may regret them in the long run!

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